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GX-2010A1 Laser Treatment Instrument

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GX-2010A1 Laser Treatment Instrument

SFDA Reg.:GUISHIYAOJIANXIE(Approval)2010 No.22400

Carried Standard: YZB/GUI 0052-2010

China Patent No.: ZL94116657.0      

      China Utility Model Patent No.: ZL200920164768.7  ZL200920141361.2  ZL200920140911.9  ZL200920140570.5  
      Appearance Design Patent:       ZL200930319363.1  ZL200930319379.2  ZL201030300624.8


 Intended Use

Intranasal Laser Irradiation: Assistant treatment on hyperlipidemia, cerebral infarction and other cardiac & cerebral vascular disease.


 Treatment Mechanism

Intranasal Laser Irradiation: Irradiate with double-end laser whose wavelength is 650nm and output power is 5mW. Laser irradiate and stimulate sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves in two nasal cavity, shrink and expand blood vessels in nose mucosa, which reflectively improve blood circulation in head and the whole body, achieve assistant therapeutic effect on cardiac & cerebral diseases.


 General Description

This unit is designed on the basis of laser medical technology and light quantum theory.


 Technical Parameters

     Laser Output Power: less than 5mW+-%20 (Class 2M)

     Adjustable Time Range: 10~30mins, defaul time setting is 30 mins

     Size: 102(L)x68(W)x43(H)mm

     Weight: 191.4g (including batteries)

























GX-2010A1 Instruction Manual.doc