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Become a leading Chinese brand of medical and health enterprise in the past century

KX vision is that all employees work together to create a vision for future expectations of the enterprise, it is the common ideal of all from the heart to the pursuit of KX staffs. KX are engaged in business related to all customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society's vital interests, related to human health and happiness in life, KX national brand development has become a challenging task for hundreds of years the world brand, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream, so this is a long time and great cause!

Highest Goal

Rejuvenating the people and realizing the Chinese dream

The highest goal of KX well interprete KX's original intention of KX founder Huang YiFu when KX is founded in 1989. He put to the state, society and human health contribution as the highest goal of the enterprise, the enterprise development to rise to the height of the country, and the integration of national development. Let us take the dream as a driving force,Carrying the beautiful implication of Everything Prospers in Healthhold China innovation cast concentric dream, KX staffs strive to achieve personal dreams!

Company Declaration

Love from the heart

What makes a brand still full of vitality after experience 34years of wind and rain? It's a sincere love and an everlasting concern from the heart. KX production is not only a safe and effective high-tech medical equipment, but a symbol of love and Health, an eternal interpretation. With 34years of love and care, KX is consistent.

Enterprise Core Values

Customer first, people-oriented, harmonious win-win situation,contribution to society and industry country, returns to shareholders.

The core value concept of KX guide how to deal with the relationship   between customers, partners, employees, society, the state and shareholders: set up the customer first, employees as the thought, harmony and win-win with partners and fulfill corporate social responsibility, the revitalization of the laser industry serve the country, increasing the value of assets return to shareholders.

Enterprise Philosophy

Quality first, reputation first,leading technology, integrity and integrity.

We always put quality management in the first place, to ensure that the production process meet the high quality requirements, which guarantees excellent quality and ensure that the target customer is satisfied with the quality and function. Meanwhile, through continuous innovation, research and development of quality products,KX maintains industry-leading level.
KX set up credit, attach importance to reputation, cultivate reputation, cherish reputation, accumulate credit. KX adhere to integrity, honesty, truth, continuously  maintain and consolidate the image and position of trust brand in the minds of consumers.

Enterprise Management Concept

Taking the market as the core and the result as the guide,take culture as souland innovation as motive force.

On the basis of market as the core, KX always adhere to the result oriented, all to achieve goals and solve problems for the purpose of emphasizing results and effectiveness; and adhere to the culture as the soul of innovation power, innovation in technology, business model, management and other aspects, the company is committed to the steady operation and consistent development.

Enterprise Tenet

Our achievements come from unremitting efforts to provide more advanced and safer, more effective, more convenient medical technology and services. Advocate green and high quality life concept, leading positive energy life style, escort human health!

Big market breeds big enterprise, great mission makes great undertaking. KX pointed out the reasons for the existence of itself, KX is destined to assume the sacred mission of escort for human health, which is our unshirkable historical choice.

Enterprise Spirit

Unite and cooperate, develop and innovate, be brave in competition, pursue excellence and work hard

The enterprise is a ship, it is sometimes in the sunny sea garden, and sometimes by the tempestuous waves test. To ensure that the ship safely goes through the wave, the elements is not only a strong hull, but also rely on the cooperation of crew (employees) and pull together in times of trouble, innovation, competition, the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of hard struggle to struggle waves.

Enterprise Morality

Loyalty, courtesy, discipline, thrift, patience.

Loyalty: loyal to the country, enterprise and duty.
Courtesy: Chinese nation is a state of ceremonies, KX also should become the etiquette of enterprise, which is not only the needs of enterprises seeking unity, but also the need of enterprise external competition, a good public relations and establishment of a good corporate image.
Discipline: discipline is the guarantee of KX's victory, KX must follow the road of managing enterprises according to law.
Thrift : thrift is a Chinese virtue, it is to save manpower, financial and material resources, not to indulge in ostentation and extravagance and waste.
Patience: endure temporary calm, take a step as boundless as the sea and sky. We KX staffs should conduct tolerance and patience, forge ahead in unity, create the great cause.

Enterprise Style

Positive energy mentality; strong learning ability,strive for perfection, excellent executive ability.

Positive energy mentality: positive energy is a healthy, optimistic, positive driving force and emotion. Employees with positive energy are often able to resist bad negative effects, share the same fate with KX, love enterprises as home, be able to transfer this energy to the people around, and promote the healthy development of KX.

Strong learning ability, strive for perfection: knowledge change the fate, learning achieve in the future. In the era of knowledge economy, learning is "the first priority". KX wants to establish a learning enterprise, and encourage employees to apply their knowledge, constantly pursue perfection, and constantly surpass themselves.

Excellent executive ability: execution is iron discipline without any excuse, immediately implement, go all out to implement the work, achieve the goal of work with excellent quality and quantity.