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Guilin Kangxing Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. is the leader of top medical laser. It is established in 1989 and has concentrated on clinical promotion of laser irradiation therapy in hypertension, high blood fat, high blood viscosity, cerebral infarction and other cerebral& cerebral vascular disease, various acute & chronic pain, anorectal diseases.

We offer top medical laser product with advanced design, humanization design and excellent quality. We researched and developed top medical instrument such as Semiconductor Laser Low-frequency Treatment Instrument, Top Laser Sitz Bath Instrument, Al Ga In P Semiconductor Laser Cure Instrument and He-Ne Laser Multi-function Cure Instrument, advocate life style with elegance, leisurely and taste, offer happier life to thousands of families.

KX Laser bases on independent innovation, firmly grasps key technology, undertakes the sacred mission of promotion the development of medical science and technology and the rise of national medical industry, insists brand concept Love from the Heart,With the beautiful implication of Everything Prospers in Health,inherits Chinese national health culture, works hard for the supreme goal of building Chinese hundred of year world brand.

With the development of 34 years, KX Laser has extended business globally and enjoy a high reputation. We have a complete quality control system, obtain ISO 9001+ ISO 13485 quality management system and Korean Certificate. Now we have developed as a high-tech health enterprise which combines advanced key technology, research and design, manufacture and sale business with core competitive advantage.

In future, we will still work hard, popularize top medical laser and persistently create value for customers, love with heart and guard life.